Nero Game Engine 1

Welcome, here you will found all the tutorials you need in order to understand how to use the Nero Game Engine v1.x

Get Started


Download and Install the Engine SDK

First Project

Create your first project

Editor Interface

Explore the Engine Interface

Release Your Game

Wrap up your game and share it

A Simple Game

Build a simple yet complete game

Engine Editor

Launch the Editor

How to start the Editor

Game Scenes

How to add scenes

Editor Controls

Editor inputs

Engine Help

How to get some help

The Canvas

the canvas explained

Mouse on Canvas

The mouse has to be on canvas

Control the Camera

travel inside the game world

Load Resources

Import Sprites, Sounds, etc

Game Objects

What are the types of Game Objects

Manipulate Objects

Learn common objects manipulations

Objects Properties

Learn the different properties of your Game Objects

Object Layers

Understand how objects layers work

Editor Mode

Learn about the three Editor Modes

Play & Render your Scene

Learn how to play and render your Scene

Fire Bombs

Play with bombs in Play Mode

Debug Draw

Learn how to draw useful physics information

World Properties

Learn about the game world physics properties

Save, Load, Undo, Redo

Learn how to save and load your actions

Color Selection

Learn how to color Objects

Play Sounds

Enjoy your music while developing your game

The Grid

Learn how the grid works

Mesh Editor

Learn how to use the mesh editor

Game Screens

Learn how to create new game screens

Screen Objects

Add objects into your game screens

Create Sprite Sheet

Learn how to create Sprite Sheets with Texture Packer

Create Sprite Animation

Learn how to create Sprite Animations with Texture Packer

CodeBlocks Project Wizard

Learn how to create a new projects with CodeBlocks

Engine C++ API

API Documentation

Explore all classes definition

The Scene Class

Understand the Scene Class

Scene Life Cycle

Understand your Scene Life Cycle

Game Initialization

Your Game starts here


How to log with the Engine

Play With Objects

How to access objects in your code

Use Constants

Use constants is important

Check Objects

Mare sure your objects exist

Game Objects

Properties of all game objects

Layer Objects

Play with layer objects

UI Objects

setup ui-objects callbacks

Handle Collisions

Configure and respond to collisions

ActionObject & Action

Encapsulate and control objects

Physic Joints

Learn how how joints work

Scene Life Time

Learn how to pause, reset and quit

Handle Game Screens

Play with game screens

Camera & Target

Learn how to manipulate the camera


Learn how to manage inputs

The Game Loop

Handle events, update, render

Scene Settings

Retrieve and change scene settings

Sound Manager

How to play sounds and music


Discover some useful functions

Nero Game Lib

A mini game library

External Libraries

The libraries used by the Engine

Physic Joints

Distance Joint

Prismatic Joint

Rope Joint

Pulley Joint

Wheel Joint

Weld Joint

Revolute Joint

Gear Joint

Motor Joint

Friction Joint

Mouse Joint

Render Engine

Startup Folder

Load your Startup Screen resources

Startup Screen

Understand the Startup Screen Class

The Render Engine

How to use the Render Engine

Create Platform Games

Create A Player Character​

Create a platformer Player

Create A Start Menu

Create your own Start Menu

Create A Pause Menu

Create your own Pause Menu

Create A Heads-Up Display

Create your own Heads-Up Display

Create Top-Down Games

Create A Player Character

Create a Top-Down Player

Create Puzzle Games

Tic Tac Toe

Create the Tic-Tac-Toe game

What's Next ?