The Grid

Learn how the grid works

The Grid

When you create a new project you will see the grid in the middle of the Canvas. The default grid covers a surface of 800 by 600 pixels and is made of 50 by 50 pixels cells. You have 16 cells horizontally and 12 cells vertically.

Setup the Grid

On the Editor top-left you have the Tab Grid that allows you to change the grid parameters. The grid is made of cells, you can choose the size of your cells and how many of them you want.

  • Width ( value = [5 – undefined] ) : the width of your cells
  • Height ( value = [5 – undefined] ) : the height of your cells
  • X-Count ( value = [1- undefined] ): the number of cells horizontally
  • Y-Count ( value = [1 – undefined] ) : the number of cells vertically
You can move the entire Grid horizontally or vertically by applying an offset. The offset is not counted in pixel but in cells. For example, an offset of one (1) means the grid will be shifted of 1 cell.
  • X-Offset : shift the grid horizontally, the value can be negative
  • Y-Offset : shift the grid vertically, the value can be negative