Debug Draw

Learn how to draw useful physics information

Debug Draw

On the bottom-right of the Engine Editor, you have a series of check-boxes allowing to display or hide useful physics information. Those pieces of information are only displayed when you are in Play Mode, fill free to experiment with each option and see what kind of information you got.

  • Shapes : Draw or hide physics shapes created from meshes
  • Joints : Draw or hide physic joints. Joints are represented by a blue line connecting the two objects of the Joint
  • AABBs : Draw or hide physic objects bounding box (AABB = Axis Aligned Bounding Box)
  • Contact Points : Draw or hide contacts points between two physic objects using little blue and red squares
  • Contacts Normals : Draw or hide the direction of the collision at a contact point
  • Contact Impules :
  • Friction Impules :
  • Center of Masses : Draw or hide physics objects center of mass (x-axis in red, y-axis in green)
  • Statistics : Draw or hide the number of physic objects, contact points, and joints in the Scene
  • Profile : Draw or hide some physics computation times in milliseconds

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