Editor Interface

In this tutorial you will get an overview of the Nero Game Engine 1 Editor Interface

Interface Overview

Below you can see an overview of the Engine Editor Interface. The black area at the center is called the Canvas, this is were you build and edit your Game World and your Game Screens. The interface can be divided into three main sections

  • The Left Section : Everything left to the Canvas
  • The Center Section : The Canvas and everything above and below
  • The Right Section : Everything right to the Canvas

Interface Left Section

The Left Section of the Interface is mainly used to save your project, access some resources online and change the properties of your game objects. This section can be divided into two subsections : the Upper subsection and the Lower subsection.

  • The Upper subsection contains 4 tabs : Utility, Screen, Music, Grid.
  • The Lower subsection contains 6 tabs : Sprite, Animation, Sequence, Mesh, Text, Color.

Interface Center Section

The Center Section of the Engine Interface has a vertical layout. From top to bottom you have the Mouse & Camera Position, the Toolbar, the Canvas, the Logging View and the Color Picker.

Interface Right Section

The Right Section of the Engine Interface is made of two tabs.

  • Engine Help : This tab shows some useful information on how to use the Editor Interface. All the Editor keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls can be found there.
  • Scene :  This is the most important tab of the Editor. From here you can select the Game Scene your are going to work on, you can also switch between the World View and the Screen View of your scene.