Editor Mode

Learn about the three Editor Modes

The Editor Modes

The Engine Editor has three modes : Object, Mesh, and Play. Each mode allows the Editor to perform a specific set of tasks. You can see the current mode on the Editor top-left, inside the Tab Utility

  • Object Mode : This is the default mode, in this mode you can add Game Objects onto the Canvas and manipulate them.
  • Mesh Mode : This mode activates the Mesh Editor. In this mode, you can reshape your meshes.
  • Play Mode : This mode is used when you play your Scene.

Switch Between Modes

When you play your Scene, by clicking on the button play or by using the Enter key, The Editor switches automatically to the Play Mode. Apart from this special case, you have two methods for changing the Editor Mode

  • Method 1 : Simply select a mode using the mouse
  • Method 2 : Use Space Bar or CTRL + Space Bar
As mention in the tutorial Mouse on Canvas using Space Bar to switch between the Editor Modes requires the mouse to be on the Canvas.
The graph below resumes how to use the Spacer Bar control.
  • If you are in Object Mode, pressing Space Bar will bring you to Mesh Mode.
  • If you are not in Object Mode pressing Space Bar will return you to Object Mode
  • If you are not in Play Mode, pressing CTRL + Space Bar will bring you to Play Mode.