Engine Installation

In this tutorial, you will learn how to download the Nero Game Engine 1, then you will explore and understand its directory structure

Download & Decompress

The Engine is available as an SDK (Software Development Kit) for the Windows OS. The SDK installation is pretty easy. First, download the Engine latest package (Nero Game Engine SDK 1.0.x) on the Download Page, then decompress the package in the folder of your choice. If you do not have any decompression tool on your Windows OS you can download and install 7-Zip.

The SDK Directory Structure

Once the installation is completed, open the Engine folder and you will see the following content.

  • CodeBlocks
    This folder contains the Codeblocks IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and the MinGW compiler. If you do not understand what that means it is not a problem. You are not expected to touch this folder.
  • Games
    This folder is meant to contain all your finished games. By default, it contains a demo game called Adventure Scene.
  • Library
    This folder contains some APIs (Application Programming Interface) and Headers files needed by the Engine. You are not expected to touch this folder.
  • Projects
    This is where you create all your new Projects. By default, the folder already contains a demo project called Adventure Scene.
  • Resource Pack
    This folder contains a set of free Sprites (Images) you can use in your games.
  • Launcher
    This is how you start the Engine SDK. Double click on it and the CodeBlocks IDE will open up.
  • Readme
    This file contains information on the license of each Software and API used by the Engine SDK
  • Release
    This file contains some notes on the latest changes in the Engine.

Play The Adventure Scene Game

The Engine comes with a demo game, watch the video below to know how to play it. The controls are as follows

  • Arrow Left : move player left
  • Arrow Right : move player right
  • C : Press to jump
  • X : Hold to run while moving
  • Space bar : Press to open Pause Menu

Open The Adventure Scene Project

The source code of the Adventure Scene is available by default with the Engine. The video below shows how to open the project. It is a demo project, feel free to explore the code and try to understand how it works.