Launch The Editor

Start and setup the editor size

Launch the Editor

Below is the minimal code you have to write in order to get the Engine Editor started. The Engine Editor is also called the DevEngine (Development Engine).

#include <Nero/engine/DevEngine.h>
int main()
    nero::DevEngine engine(1305);;
    return 0;

Window size

The size of the Engine Editor window is provided through the nero::DevEngine constructor. The nero::DevEngine has two constructors.

  • The first constructor only takes the Editor window width. The height is then computed automatically preserving the default ratio of 670 / 1305 or 0.5134.
// Constructor
// DevEngine(const unsigned int& windowWidth)
// computed height = windowWidth * 690 / 1305
nero::DevEngine engine(1305);
  • The second constructor takes the width and height of your choice
// Constructor
// DevEngine(const unsigned int& windowWidth, const unsigned int& windowHeight)
nero::DevEngine engine(1305, 690);

Minimum window size

The Editor has a minimum window size of 1305 by 690. You can increase the size at will but any width below 1305 or any height below 690 will be ignored and automatically reversed to 1305 and 690 respectively.

//the following lines are the same
//minimum size
nero::DevEngine engine(1305, 690);
//below minimum
nero::DevEngine engine(600, 200);		// 600 by 200 will be ignored and the values will be 1305 by 690
//zero or negative
nero::DevEngine engine(0, -1);			// 0 by -1 will be ignored and the values will be 1305 by 690