Nero GameLib

A mini game library

The Nero GameLib

The Nero GameLib is a little library containing some useful classes and functions that are not part of the Engine. Hopefully this library will grow over time, If you think your code can benefit over users feel free to submit it so it can be added the library.

The Nero Gamelib is a Header-Only library that you can find at : Engine-Folder/Library/gamelib/Nero/gamelib.h

In order to use it, you have to include the header file as bellow

#include <Nero/gamelib.h>

List of Class and Functions

Currently the library essentially contains some Actions and ActionObjects to handle a platformer character movements (Walk, Run, Jump, Dash)

//List of Classes
class MoveAction : public PhysicAction; class JumpAction : public PhysicAction; class DashAction : public PhysicAction; class SimpleMovingObject : public PhysicActionObject;
//List of functions
MoveAction getMoveRightAction(float velocity);
MoveAction getMoveLeftAction(float velocity);
MoveAction getMoveUpAction(float velocity);
MoveAction getMoveDownAction(float velocity);
MoveAction getMoveNoneXAction();
MoveAction getMoveNoneYAction();
MoveAction getMoveNoneAction();
JumpAction getJumpAction(float force);
DashAction getDashRightAction(float force);
DashAction getDashLeftAction(float force);