Objects Layers

Understand how objects layers work

The Layer View

On the Editor right, you can see the list of layers in your Game World or Game Screens. The Game World and each of your Game Screen maintain their own set of layers. Each time you switch between the Game World and/or a Game Screen the layer view gets updated.

  • Smart Layering : Each layer contains only one (1) type of Game Objects. The Engine never mixes two types of Objects in the same layer, that allows a better management of your Game Objects. If you want to add a Sprite Object onto the Canvas while the currently selected layer contains Meshes, the Editor will create automatically a new layer before to add your new Object.

Layer Manipulations

For each layer you have three items
  • Button Show : allows you to hide or display the layer
  • Checkbox : allows you to select a layer
  • Text Entry : allows you to enter the name of the layer

Above the list of layer you have six (6) allowing divers actions on layers

  • Add : adds a new empty layer and automatically select it.
  • Del : deletes the currently selected layer.
  • Up : moves the currently selected layer up in the list.
  • Down : moves the currently selected layer down in the list.
  • Merge Up : merges the currently selected layer with the one above, only if they have the same color.
  • Merge Down : merges the currently selected layer with the one below, only if they have the same color.

Re-Order Objects

You can re-order Objects inside the same layer. On the Editor right below the Object name and category entries you have two buttons

  • Move Up : will move the selected object update inside its layer
  • Move Down : will move the selected object down inside its layer

Layer Color

The Editor uses different colors to represent the content of layer. A layer containing meshes for example, will be call a mesh layer and will have a dark green color.

As you can see in the picture, there are currently 7 colors. Button Objects are only used inside your Game Screens.

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