Scene Life Time

Learn how to control your game scene life time

Pause and Resume your Game

The nero::Scene class offers three methods two handle the Pause State of your Game. You can pause your game, resume your game and check if the game is paused at any moment. Pausing your game will stop all activities inside your Game World, it’s basically like stopping time. Your Game Screens (Menus) are not affected during a pause, you can still display any screen and interact with it.

void    pauseScene();	//Pause your game
void    resumeScene();  //Resume your game
bool    isScenePause(); //Check is the game is paused

Reset your Game

The nero::Scene class offers a method to reset your Game. Resetting your Game will destroy you current Game instance and re-create a new one. Basically the Engine will destroy your Game Scene and Instantiate another one. As shown in Scene Life Cycle, this means that the Init() methods will be called again.

void resetScene(); //Destroy and rebuild your game

Quit your Game

If you want to exit your Game completely and close the game window you can call the nero::Scene method quitScene().

void quitScene(); //Exit the Engine