The Startup Folder

Learn how to load your Startup Screen resources

The Startup Folder

Inside your Project Folder, you have a folder called startup. This folder stores all the resources you will need for your Game Startup Screen (The Loading Screen). Unlike the Resource Folder, the Startup Folder does not organize the different resource types into sub-folders, textures, music, etc. are all in the same folder.

Load Startup Resources

All resources in the Startup Folder need to be loaded manually using the SFML API. Since the Startup Screen is only displayed for a few seconds, it generally requires a very little set of resources, loading them manually should not be an issue.

The Engine provides a constant nero::STARTUP_FOLDER representing the path to the startup folder. If you have an image/texture named my_texture.png inside the startup folder its path will be :

std::string path = nero::STARTUP_FOLDER + "/my_texture.png";