The Canvas

The canvas explained

The Canvas

At the center of the Editor, you have the Canvas. By default, the Canvas has a black background color but you can change the color to anything you want. On the Canvas, you have diverse items
  • X and Y axis icon : In red, you have the X-axis, as you can see the default X-axis goes from left to right. In Green, you have to Y-axis that goes from up to bottom by default. The icon rotates when the camera rotates.
  • The Grid : By default, you have a grid of 800 by 600 pixels with each cell measuring 50 by 50 pixels.
  • Current FPS : The number of frames during one (1) second.
  • Frame duration : How much time the last frame took.
  • Current View : World view if you are working on the Game World and Screen View if you are working on a Game Screen.
Above the Canvas, inside the toolbar, you have four buttons (Black, Gray, Blue, White) used to quickly change the canvas color. You can also change the Canvas color through the Color Tab and the Color picker, but that will explain in another tutorial.

Show & Hide Canvas Items

You can show or hide the Grid and the Information text (axis icon, current view, fps, frame duration) using the check buttons on the lower right of the Editor.

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