Word Properties

Learn about the game world physics properties

World Properties

On the Editor top-right, along with the Scene drop-down list, you have a set of properties affected the physics of your Game World. The Engine provides some default values and for most of the time you won’t have to change them.

  • Gravity-x : Yes, you can have a horizontal gravity
  • Gravity-y : The gravity of your Game World
  • Hertz : The Physics Engine’s time step. The default value is 40, which means 1/40 second. At each game-loop, the physics of your game loop will advance of 1/40 second
  • Velocity Itr : Velocity Iterations
  • Position Itr : Position Iterations
  • Sleep : When a Physic Objects stay inactive for a view second, allows the Engine to  skip it during its computations
  • Warm Starting :
  • Time of Impact :
  • Sub Stepping :


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