About this SFML tutorial series

Learn SFML with the Nero Game Engine

The Nero Game Engine uses the SFML library for its graphics. This tutorial series is an in-depth exploration of the library, it will help you understand and get familiar with it. If you do not intend to use the Nero Game Engine you can still follow this tutorial to learn SFML. The Engine SDK is used only so you do not have to compile anything, It makes things easier and you can enjoy learning SFML right away.

What's SFML

SFML stands for Simple and Fast Multimedia Library. It’s a collection of code (e.g Framework or Library) that allows you to create a window, manipulate images, texts and sounds. Many people would say that SFML is a Game Library because most people look for it when they want to create a game. Calling SFML a Game Library is at the same time True and False. SFML can be used to create Games but also any Desktop applications that need a window, display images, or play sounds. You can find some examples of SFML projects on the SFML Forum or the website SFML Projects, or this Github repository. Here are some types of applications that can be made with SFML.


Of course ! Top Down, Plateform, RPG etc.

Game Engines

Full-featured game engines like Unreal or Unity

Desktop Apps

With the help of extension like (SFGUI or Imgui) any full-fledged desktop app

Mobile Games

Android and IOS Games

What will you be Learning

I started learning SFML back in 2014, it has been a long journey during which I’ve learned many things. This tutorial series is a way to share with you everything I’ve learned during this journey. You will learn the Basics of SFML and some Advanced topics. I will share all the good books and online resources I’ve found so far. Finally, we will create a game similar to the Aircraft game from the book SFML Game Development

SFML Basics

Create windows, play with inputs, images, texts, and sounds

SFML Advanced

How to start with OpenGL and Shaders, SFML extensions libraries


Some awesome books to learn SFML

Online Resources

SFML Forum, The book of shaders, Kenney assets, and many more

Create Games

Create a full game with SFML from scratch

Get Ready

In this tutorial series, we will use the Nero Game Engine SDK (Nero Game Engine v1.0.x). Learn how to Install the Engine SDK here. Once it’s done create a simple C++ Hello world program. The code is shown below.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
    cout << “Hello world!” << endl;
    return 0;