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SFML Books

There are many SFML books out there. The SFML website provides the following list : SFML Books
NameNumber of PagesPublication Date
SFML Game Development2962013
SFML Essentials1562015
SFML Blueprints2982015
SFML Game Development By Example5222015
Mastering SFML Game Development4422017

Book : SFML Game Development

I’ve started my journey with SFML with the book SFML Game Development, it’s a great book that I’ll recommend without hesitation. The code created throughout the book is available on Github. The book introduces you to the basics of Video Game Programming by using SFML. At the time I didn’t know what a Game Loop is, I had many questions like : How do video games work ? how does the game know which button I’ve pressed ? how does the game detect collisions ? how does the game display images and animations ? etc.

Reading this book taught me three things: How video games work, how to use SFML, how to use C++11 and that was great.

By the end of this tutorial series on SFML, I plan to reproduce a game similar to the one created in this book : An aircraft shooter game.